Focusing on Securities Litigation,
Transactions And Compliance

Representing Investors In Arbitration And Litigation

Even the most diligent investors can fall prey to unscrupulous actors in the marketplace. Misrepresentations, omissions of important facts, and outright fraud are commonly used to deceive investors.

Devin represents clients in actions against companies and financial advisers who have fallen victim to common tactics implemented by financial professionals to deceive investors, including:

  • Unsuitable investment recommendations
  • Churning (excessive trading) to increase commissions
  • Unauthorized trading
  • Violations of the “Know Your Customer” Rule
  • Misrepresentation of material facts
  • Omission of material facts, also known as “silent fraud”
  • Negligent or innocent misrepresentations

Devin has the knowledge and experience to guide you through any dispute or litigation involving investment matters, the purchase of securities from private or public companies, or fraud committed by financial advisors. His advice and guidance often lead to quick, favorable settlements.

We offer a free initial consultation and portfolio review to all investors with questions regarding their assets and potential claims against financial advisors or companies. Contact us at 248-782-7755.

Direct And Derivative Shareholder Disputes

Shareholders, especially those in private, closely held companies, often witness directors and officers make decisions that harm shareholders or the companies themselves.  Acts of self-dealing, misappropriation of funds, or other violations of fiduciary duties leave shareholders holding the bag while insiders receive special treatment.

Devin represents shareholders in derivative and direct shareholders actions—ensuring that shareholders who are wronged are rightfully compensated. Whether it’s outright fraud or more intricate embezzlement schemes, Devin is equipped to represent investors seeking to hold companies and affiliates they once trusted accountable for all forms of fraud and indiscretion.

Guiding Clients Through The Complex Web Of Securities Regulations

As the number and variety of investment vehicles have expended over the years, the number of laws and regulations surrounding securities has grown even faster. When the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued Regulation Fair Disclosure, it leveled the playing field for investors of all kinds. However, the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, designed to overhaul the nation’s financial sector, made the entire industry much more complex.

Whether you’re an active investor, an independent broker or an investment adviser, attorney Devin Bone can help you navigate the complicated red tape and protect your interests.

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